Mario Party: Island Tour

Mario Party: Island Tour
Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nd Cube
Genre Adventure , Puzzle , Strategy
Downloads 36,120
Size 213.18 M
Released November 22, 2013
3.7/5 (84 votes)
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Mario is not a stranger to the player with a lot of different versions for you to experience. There are many titles in this series that players can choose to play. But in general, it has one thing in common that players must take on a journey to be able to rescue Princess Peach from monsters. The story and gameplay that has been used in many versions and anything too much will be less attractive. So Nintendo has launched a new game series called Mario Party to bring freshness to players. This game series has utterly different gameplay from what players have often seen before, and this difference has made the game more interesting. But among the games in this series, there is a game that is different from the other games, which is the Mario Party Island Tour. This game has new gameplay, a new purpose, and all of them are different from the games that players have ever experienced before. So this game will be a game worth playing.

In this game, the purpose of the player is no longer to collect stars but to become the first. Each game will have four characters and will move on a chessboard similar to the billionaire chess, and the game will end when there is a winner. Players will roll the dice so they can know the number of points the player receives, which will correspond to the number of steps you can take. For example, if a player rolls a dice of 4 points, then the player can move four steps forward to get closer to the destination. Besides, to increase the fun, it also adds a lot of exciting things such as minigames and opportunities for players to receive.

This game has up to seven different chess boards for players to play the game. Each chessboard has different indicators of luck and danger for players to choose from. Not only are there many different chess boards, but the game also features 81 different minigames for players to choose from. The minigames are very diverse genres ranging from puzzles to finding pieces and many other things for people to feel. These will give players a lot of different experiences for you to enjoy.

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