Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Capcom
Developer Capcom
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region Japan
Downloads 138,731
Size 2 G
Released February 13, 2014
3.8/5 (420 votes)
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Nintendo 3DS was one of the most popular platforms in the handle console market in the 2010s. Many players have favored this device until now; there are still many people looking to buy this device to play games. One of the prerequisites for this is the games it has for players to experience. Among the countless games produced for this platform, there are many famous titles for players to choose from. But there are only a few prominent names that are noticed by many players, one of which is the Monster Hunter series. This time, the remake version for players to choose is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. This game is a famous remake of the fourth part of this game for 3DS. When it was just released, this game became a fever and became a name chosen by many players. This game has a lot of new improvements for players to experience. This is not the first time a series game has been remade, but this game has a lot of improvements to bring a better experience for players.

In the third part, there is a fighting style that is considered unique, that is a naval mode, but in this version, it has been omitted. Although this is a unique game mode for the third game, skipping it does not make players feel sad but also feel happy. The reason is simply that not everyone likes to love fighting in water; this place is hard to win. The next improvement in the fighting terrain of the game, in this game, there is no flat place to fight. This has made the game more tactical and attracts many players to experience this newness.

In the fourth part of this game, it has been joined with two new weapons for players to use. The two names are Charge Blade and Insect Glaive, both of which have different characteristics to fight. Players can see a lot of fighting styles in the game with new weapons joining the game.

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