Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Role-Playing
Region World
Downloads 28,584
Released June 21, 2014
3.7/5 (56 votes)
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On the 3DS platform, there are many famous names in the Pokemon game series for players to select. In it, the player may already be familiar with the name Pokémon X and Y, because it is so popular with many downloads coming from players. If only on this platform alone, this series can be considered as the most successful. But there is also a famous game that is equally popular with its predecessor, which is Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. This game is a remake from the 2003 version, and it takes ten years for it to be released. This game was remade to win the famous handle console platform, which is Nintendo 3DS. So why should we play a game that has been released since 2003? The main reason is that this game has too many improvement points for players to experience. It is this improvement that makes this game more famous and brings many new experiences for players to feel.

In this new version, there are not too many changes in the plot so that players can feel. The main storyline of the game remains the same, so that players can easily get used to that. But not completely, the story of this game has gone deeper into the Mega Evolution feature for players to explore. Along with the change in the plot, the game’s mission has also added new things for players to feel. Through these new missions, players can experience a lot of new stuff about Mega Evolution.

In the Pokemon X and Y game, players may be very familiar with Mega Evolution because this is where this feature is most highly recommended. But in this game, the main feature for players to experience it is the Primal Reversion. This mechanism is something new in this game for players to experience. It is known as a reverse form of Mega Evolution but still increases the power to fight. If the Mega shape is the result of evolution and achieves a stronger form, then Primal Reversion is back to the original shape of Pokemon. When returned to its original form, the Pokemon will be strengthened, and any Pokemon can achieve this shape.

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