Pokémon Sun

Pokémon Sun
Console Nintendo 3DS
Downloads 46,678
Released June 18, 2016
3.7/5 (190 votes)
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Pokemon is one of the very famous titles and has become one of the most popular titles worldwide. This series has contributed significantly to the success of Nintendo, and this game has achieved success on an international level. So almost any Nintendo device is released, the presence of titles belonging to this series for players to experience. Especially on the 3DS platform, there have been many games released on this platform for players to experience. Among those famous titles, Pokémon Sun and Moon is one of the names of the seventh generation Pokemon and has had a lot of success. First of all, this is about the first of the two games, which is Pokémon Sun – a name considered legendary of this series. This game gives players a lot of new features, new journeys for players to experience.

This game still has a 3D graphics format to make the game more realistic; this is similar to its brothers on the 3DS series. Thanks to this feature, players can interact with characters and fight more honestly. But if you say so, what is so special? It is this game that has been made with a new ratio, to make the characters and Pokemon in the game more realistic. This game is not a Chibi design style like its predecessors, and this makes the game more unique. Players can also customize the trainer’s appearance, such as gender, skin color, and outfit, to start the game.

In the game Pokemon X and Y, a new mechanism is Mega Evolution, in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, there is a Primal Reversion mechanism to fight. So this game also has a new thing that is Z-Moves, a skill to fight powerful Pokemon. This game is the first part to have the appearance of this mechanism that players can use to fight. In every battle, Pokemon can only use this skill to fight in a single turn. So players still need to know what is the best time to use this skill to win easily.

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