Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life
Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo SPD Group No.1
Genre Life Simulation
Downloads 73,113
Size 341.62 M
Released June 6, 2014
3.7/5 (499 votes)
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Tomodachi Life is a game that can give its players extremely relaxing and entertaining playing experiences. If you are looking for a game built in the genre of life building, this will be a game that you cannot ignore for your collection. With this game, players will be able to participate in many challenges with unique characters that the game’s system will bring to them.


To give your players the best playing experience, the context of the game is the first feature to pay attention to. Players who are entering their part for the first time will be easily attracted to a carefully constructed game. That is why the developers of Tomodachi Life have also been very interested and invested in giving their players a very cool game space with an island in the middle of the sea.

This is the next part of the game series with products that have been released before, so the context in this game is also extremely familiar. But in this part of the game, players will be able to feel detail with the notable improvements that the game’s system has brought. Various facilities have also been created on the islands where you live to help you get the best amenities in your life.


Besides a familiar context that has been brought, the game’s characters are also an exciting highlight. For players who have participated in the games that have been released before, the system of characters inside their play will no longer be strange. The characters inside the game will be named Miis with the unique customization capabilities that Tomodachi Life’s system is ready for its players.

The images that players bring to their Miis in the game are also unique creations to be able to reproduce their images faithfully. Along with that, Miis also has a lot of different manipulation capabilities inside the game that the system has designed specifically for players. The activities that you can most easily see are trying on different costumes, eating, visiting the many facilities on the island, and other leisurely activities.


Moreover, the challenge system also plays a vital role for players to participate in their game with the most excitement. Because of this, the game has been designed for its players to do interesting activities that they need to control their Miis to perform on the island. Different Miis are brought to the game to make other interactions possible with them, such as friendship, love, rivalry, and more.

You will need to use your abilities to participate in the activities that the game has proposed when you control the Miis in the way of life activities. If you can maintain a good relationship with characters of the opposite sex, they can begin to fall in love, date, and even get married. After the marriages are completed, the characters inside the game can also give birth and raise them with different particular tasks.


The last feature that the game wishes to bring to maximize your playing experience is the graphics. A game graphics with good quality will be able to help its players have a remarkable impression and attraction even in their first play. So a graphics system with the highest level of image quality has been added to your game by Tomodachi Life.

When participating in the games and challenges, you will always be guaranteed by the game the image quality that will always remain at the highest level. The game has carefully designed the image of the game island to help you get the most beautiful game space in your game. Along with that will undoubtedly be the imaging system of the characters with many different options that have been carefully and detailed designed for players to choose from.


  • The game is designed in the genre of life simulation games that are highly realistic with people’s daily activities.
  • The game context brought to you will be fascinating with the image of a system of islands and unique infrastructure.
  • Enter your playthrough with the special customization Miis – the main character is controlled inside the game.
  • The system with many activities and special missions has been created so that players can show their ability to overcome challenges.
  • The game’s graphics are cute and attractive with the context, and the characters are designed in great detail.
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