Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Console Xbox 360
Publisher Activision
Developer Treyarch
Genre Shooter
Region World
Downloads 29,063
Size 7.96 G
Released November 13, 2012
3.3/5 (255 votes)
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Call Of Duty is always one of the game series that is appreciated by many players because of the excellent shooting experience that it brings. This series has always been the top game of the best FPS games, and many players choose to experience it. This game was first released in 2003 and is extended until now for players to experience. In much other game series, they often take many years to develop and publish the next game to the player. But in this series, it only takes a few years to continue to launch the next game for players to experience. Launched in 2003 and except in 2004, all subsequent years have a new game section released to the player. In 2012, the game Call of Duty: Black Ops II was born and quickly became famous for the great experience it has. This game has a lot of players and game reviews pages for a very high score to prove what the game has. In this game, there are many new features added to the game to bring a unique experience for players.

In the past, the story of the game was played continuously and follow what the creative team set out. But in this game, that has changed when the player’s choice will affect the game’s storyline to lead to something else. The plot will be divided into branches, and depending on what you select, that will lead to a different outcome. So if you want to experience the whole story of the game, the player will have to play the game more than once to learn the entire end of the game. This feature is a new thing added to the game to make the game much more interesting than before.

In many games, this is still the focus of this series for players to enjoy, and this is no exception. Players can connect with their friends to be able to experience the great things the game has to offer. The most striking feature in this game is Pick 10 – players can choose the character they want to play. This will bring more interesting and diverse experiences for players to enjoy the game.

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