Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon
Console Xbox 360
Publisher Microsoft Studios
Developer Playground Games
Genre Racing
Downloads 32,089
Size 7.82 G
Released October 23, 2012
3.4/5 (312 votes)
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Are you a person who is passionate about speed? Speed ​​and races are always something that many players choose to experience. The feeling of adventure when mastering the speed is still something many players choose to enjoy. But to enjoy that feeling, you need to put your whole life into it, and that will certainly not be safe. So there is a better choice to feel the sense of speed control, which is the racing game. A long time ago, this genre was chosen by many players to be able to experience. Many titles have been released so that players can choose to play. But when it comes to this game genre, there is a name that players can not ignore that is Forza – a series with many famous games. One of the smaller series that is highly appreciated by many players is Forza Horizon – released in 2012. Since then, there have been many titles released for players to experience, But the first part of the game is still appreciated. It is this game that plays a significant role in making the series a success.

In this game, the focus is not the races in professional races for players to race freely. This time, the racing venue was changed from the racetrack to a street in the city with many vehicles. At the professional race, although there is still danger, it can not be compared if the player chooses to experience the roads of the city. The player is not just a racer, but you will be a street racer to become the winner. Players will have two concerns that are winning and avoiding opponents of the player on the track.

In the game, there are many different types of vehicles for players to use and become the winner. In addition to the control technology of the player, the cars also have a critical role in helping players become warriors. A powerful vehicle will help players to dominate the race to win easily. If the player knows to combine with proper technique, it is not too difficult to win.

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