Lost Odyssey

Lost Odyssey
Console Xbox 360
Publisher Microsoft Studios
Developer feelplus , Mistwalker
Genre Role-Playing
Downloads 23,362
Size 6.36 G
Released February 12, 2008
3.7/5 (141 votes)
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Lost Odyssey occurs in a world where a “Magic-Industrial Revolution” is underway. While magical energy existed in all living animals before the game’s start, it suddenly became significantly more potent thirty years before it started. As a result, it has dramatically impacted civilization, with devices known as “Magic Engines” harnessing its power for lights, transportation, communication, and robotics, among other things. Previously, only a select few could use magic, but many magicians now have the power. However, such advancement has led to the development of new and more deadly weapons of mass destruction by two nations: Gohtza’s kingdom and Uhra’s republic (which just changed from a monarchy). Uhura is constructing Grand Staff, a massive magical engine, while the massively industrialized Gohtza avidly pursues their paranormal research. The Free Ocean State of Numara, a third nation, remains isolated and neutral. However, it is in turmoil owing to a coup attempt by a general. At the game’s outset, Uhra, a country of beastmen, sends its armies to the Highlands of Wohl for a final fight.

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