Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption
Console Xbox 360
Publisher Rocket Games , Rockstar Games
Developer Rockstar San Diego
Genre Action
Downloads 37,245
Size 6.33 G
Released June 18, 2010
3.5/5 (417 votes)
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Rockstar is one of the game developers very famous for the infinite series of games that have been recorded in the legend of the gaming industry. Among the many series of games that have been produced by them, some names become more famous than many game series and become legendary. Name players have tried or known, for example, is Grand Theft Auto, which is the series that made their name. But this is not the only thing they have for players to experience but also a lot of other names as well. In it, there is a series that is equally famous than GTA, which is Red Dead – a top-rated shooter series. In this series, the name most appreciated by players is the Red Dead Redemption part of the game that plays a significant role. This game has been welcomed by both the gaming community and the critics. Metacritic has rated it at approximately 95/100 points, 94%, and 9.3 / 10 points, respectively, for Game Rankings and GameStats, making it one of the highest-scoring games. So what made the game so famous? There must be a lot of players who have the same question, and I will help you answer that question.

The game is set in the Wild West of the US, a land with many mysteries to explore. When coming to the game, the player will experience many unique features of this land for players to feel. The first is the gun battle, the specialty of the Wild West, players will be fighting with many enemies with the gun they have. The game’s arsenal also includes many familiar gun players have seen in the movie such as a six-bullet pistol, a Gatling gun, and many other things. Next to it are horses, the main means of transport of the player.

In this game, the fighting mechanism is not similar to other shooting games in which the player will play the game in a hit n run style. Players can both fight and hide to avoid attacks from enemies. Players need to take advantage of nearby rocks, houses to be able to escape the onslaught of enemies. So players need to make good use of the opportunity to attack the enemy for a short time not to be attacked by the enemy.

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