Fable II

Fable II
Console Xbox 360
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Developer Lionhead Studios
Genre Action , Adventure , Role-Playing
Downloads 17,728
Size 6.32 G
Released October 21, 2008
3.2/5 (120 votes)
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The RPG game genre is one of the first games available in the gaming market for players to entertain. Often the first few things will quickly become obsolete to cede your position to another series of games. But RPG is not, so far, it has always been one of the names that many people choose to experience. Nowadays, many series of games of this genre were launched from the beginning until now for players to experience. Although it has been through a lot of time, RPG has always been an excellent choice for players to experience. Players still spend a part of their love for RPG games. Among many highly rated game series, Fable is a name that many players choose to play. When the first part of the game was released in 2004, the game received positive feedback from players. However, the first part of the game still carries some mistakes, so the second part of the game is the one that will fix it all. The second part of the game is called Fable II, with lots of unique improvements for players to experience. It will be a perfect choice for players to experience.

In many other RPG games, it mainly focuses on adventure elements for players to experience, but this game is not like that. It has brought players the ability to build families and relationships for players to experience. Players can marry and have children with anyone in the game that you have built a good relationship with. Even if it’s same-sex marriage, the game will allow it. Members of the family can also leave if the player does not build a good relationship. Besides, the player’s children can also grow up and hit the road to start an adventure.

During the game, the player will be given a lot of choices, and it will affect the player’s appearance. In it, it is divided into Good and Evil, and Purity and Corruption, each character will have a different look. If you are the right person, you have the appearance of a superhero, and if it is terrible, you will have the pale skin of an evil person.

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