Fallout 3

Fallout 3
Console Microsoft Xbox 360
Genre Action
Downloads 2,111
Released October 28, 2008
3.5/5 (13 votes)
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In recent years, survival games have been released on many different platforms for players to experience. Many titles have been released, but only a few of them are gaining popularity among players. Among them, the players could not help but not know some famous names such as PUBG or Fortnite; these are the names that many people choose. But honestly, this game is primarily aimed at shooting and fighting with other players to survive rather than survive. When it comes to the survival game genre, there are several series that players can not ignore, such as Fallout – launched in 1997. This series does not need to take too long to be able to Became famous in the gaming community. But among the games that have been produced, some are more important than all because of what it has. Fallout 3 is the name that I want to mention, it has set new standards in the survival game market for many other games to follow. So it’s no wonder that this game was named one of the greatest names in the survival game series.

In a game, there are always two symbolic things and simulation elements to be able to form a game. The symbolic element is to build an idea at the simplest level, while the simulation element is to start realizing the view so that it becomes as real as possible. In many other games, the symbolic element is added to the game more so that players can efficiently respond to in-game events. But in this game, the simulation element prevails to make the game more realistic. The events in the game happen unexpectedly and are much more unpredictable.

In a game, the player will be the only one controlling the main character, so the main character of the player has life. As for the NPCs, they are things that are preprogrammed and only work according to the available algorithms. But in this game, it is different; the characters in the game can interact and do the same functions as a living person can do. It makes the game more alive and real than many other names.

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