Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3
Console Xbox 360
Publisher Microsoft Studios
Developer Epic Games
Genre Shooter
Downloads 14,910
Size 7.83 G
Released September 20, 2011
3.6/5 (54 votes)
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One of the highly regarded FPS games series is the Gears of War developed by Epic Games. The series was first released in 2006, and until now, the game has been loved by many players. This game is always a top choice for enthusiasts in the shooter genre to experience. Through two decades of development, there have been many new titles released for players to experience, and most are very successful. But there is one part of the game that is most appreciated and offers the experience that can be considered to be the best at the time of its launch, the Gears of War 3. This game can be seen as a new monument of the shooter market and honored as a legend. If the first and second part of the game still has some mistakes, the third part of the game has completely overcome to bring a better experience. Although there is no perfect game and there are always bugs, the bugs in the game are very small and not worth mentioning. This makes the game a lot better than what the game can offer.

The best thing about this game gives players is probably the improvement in the graphics of the game eye with a lot of unique. The game has successfully brought a dangerous battlefield with lots of enemies so that players can fight. It can be said that this is the best graphics game of all the games released at that time. When the graphics are great, the player will also need to have a great sound system for players to experience. The sound of the game is vivid in every detail and is combined with the game’s excellent graphics to create a masterpiece.

In many other FPS games, players need to fight to complete the assigned task, but this game is not like that. Players need to compete with all the abilities of the player to be able to survive. All the missions that the player is assigned revolve around the problem of how to survive. For example, players will have to escape an ambush or steal ammunition to prepare for battles.

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