Gears of War

Gears of War
Console Xbox 360
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Developer Epic Games
Genre Shooter
Downloads 17,053
Size 6.51 G
Released November 7, 2006
3.3/5 (101 votes)
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Regardless of the era, shooting games are always a top choice for entertainment. In older generations, we could use Arcade machines to play games. At that time, in every shooter machine, many people were waiting for their turn. From the early days of the gaming industry, there were shooting games like Contra for players to experience. So there is no need to say about the popularity of this and its influence on the gaming community. As many people know, shooters are divided into two categories that are TPS and FPS for players to experience. Both things attract a lot of players to the game to be able to experience the game. Talk about TPS; there is a famous series that is Gears of War – was released in 2006. The attraction of the game is enormous, and thanks to that, it continues to launch for players to experience. So let’s go back to the beginning of the game’s 2006 title called Gears of War to find out what makes the game successful.

What makes this game so attractive is, in part, thanks to the game’s unique fighting mechanism. Players are not moving between the battlefield to attack or attack in stealth style. In the game, players will fight in the style of shooting and hiding to be able to avoid the onslaught of enemies. Players need to look for an object around them to be able to evade attacks coming from enemies. When the opportunity is perfect, the player can stand up and shoot back enemies before they have a chance.

In the game, there are many different weapons for players to use for their battle. Each arm has its unique functions for use in many different situations. For example, Snub, this is a pistol that has the advantage of fast-firing, but the damage is not too great, so it can only be used when the ammo runs out. Gnasher is a very powerful gun at close range and can be used as a melee weapon, but has no accuracy at long range.

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