Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach
Console Xbox 360
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Developer Bungie
Genre Shooter
Downloads 5,849
Size 5.94 G
Released September 14, 2010
3.2/5 (19 votes)
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Among the countless types of games that have been born so far, there are many popular genres, while others die because there are no players. Among the many kinds of games that have been born, one has never died or is less attractive than many other genres. It is a shooter genre, and especially FPS, it has been around for a long time, but until now, it is still developing with a lot of new names being born. Among them, there is one game that is considered as one of the best FPS games, which is Halo, especially the parts produced by Bungie. Bungie is the father of this famous FPS series with lots of exciting things for players to explore. The games they have produced have won the hearts of many players and receive great popularity from players around the world. So, what is the best game created by Bungie? The answer is Halo Reach – the best and also the last part produced by Bungie for players to experience. This game is a game that focuses on all the best things for players to experience.

What makes this game so interesting is that the stages of the game are very diverse, with many different styles for players to experience. Although it still feels similar to many other FPS games, it still has its difference for players to enjoy. Players can not only control the character to attack but also control many different means to do so. Players can sit on a vehicle and drive them towards the enemy while using a gun to shoot them. Or there are many things like aircraft or tanks to use. So the experience that the game gives players is very diverse with many different great things.

Firefight is a game mode that brings the unique colors of this series of games for players to experience. Players will enter a designated area to destroy the enemies in it and receive bonus points. Players can use points to increase their rank. Not only that but when the player increases the rank, he can unlock many different weapons to fight.

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