Kameo: Elements of Power

Kameo: Elements of Power
Console Xbox 360
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Developer Rare
Genre Action , Adventure
Downloads 6,260
Size 6.66 G
Released November 7, 2005
3.8/5 (25 votes)
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Kameo: Elements of Power was one of the Xbox 360 launch games, and it casts you in the position of Kameo, a young fairy-like elf. Initially, she raids a castle to save her family members, but she fails and loses all her abilities. Your mission is to gather 10 elemental spirits and destroy Thorn, the troll king, and your wicked sister Kalus. The game combines action with exploration and rudimentary problem-solving: four themed districts, each featuring friendly zones where you can shop and chat with the locals. In addition to the diverse zones, there are the Badlands to traverse, where a continuing struggle between elves and trolls takes place. The Enchanted Kingdom serves as your home base, a central point from which you may travel to other locations. Kameo may transform into 10 distinct forms, each with unique skills, by gathering elemental spirits. These may be obtained by completing tasks or killing boss characters. It would be best to utilize them to conquer obstacles as you continue the game. Some forms allow you to conduct special attacks, connect combinations, or provide skills like swimming (Deep Blue), breathing fire (Ash), blasting torpedoes, or engaging adversaries with rock-like body parts (Rubble). Gathering hidden pieces of fruit may upgrade each shape with various enhancements. You can consult a hint book while gaming to get Ortho’s advice. An 80-piece orchestra composed the soundtrack, and there are offline and online cooperative options for two players.

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