Mass Effect

Mass Effect
Console Xbox 360
Genre Action
Downloads 4,631
Size 5.9 G
Released November 20, 2007
3.3/5 (9 votes)
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On earth, there are many mysteries that humans have not been able to uncover until now. These mysteries have been around for a long time, but not everyone can solve them. Although it is still unknown on earth, humans have begun to explore in outer space to find out that there is something out there. Everyone has a curious nature and always wants to discover unknown things, so the space exploration topic is very popular with many players. That’s why science fiction games about the future are always chosen by many players to play. When it comes to the science fiction game genre, there are many different names for players to choose from. But not all of them are of good quality to provide an excellent experience for players. So, which is the game that players should try? That is Mass Effect – a series of games that many players love and appreciate for the game experience. Part one of the series called Mass Effect has opened up a new book page and brought success to many subsequent titles. So it can be said that the first part of the game plays the most crucial role for the game to develop.

There are six different character classes in the game so that players can choose for battle. Each character class has a different function that the player can use while fighting. Players can upgrade their power so they can improve their skills. Soldier, for example, can upgrade weapons to cause more significant damage, and can also raise his HP. As for Sentinel, you can recover HP for your teammates and yourself to live longer. Depending on the fighting style of the player, you can choose a different character.

In many other games, NPC is a pre-programmed character, and it only follows the algorithms that the game has achieved. But in this game, everything is not like that, when players can interact and talk with them to make the game more alive. Depending on the player’s choice, NPC will give an answer to match what the player says.

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