Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade

Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade
Console Xbox 360
Downloads 1,842
Size 5.97 G
Released November 4, 2008
1.8/5 (6 votes)
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One of Namco Bandai’s many collections of classic video games is Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade. This specific compilation includes all of their most recent Xbox Live Arcade releases and a variety of other ’80s arcade games, bringing the total number of games included in it up to 34. Live arcade games include Dig Dug and The Galaga Legions of Galaga. The Pac-Man, The World Championship Version of Pac-Man Rally-X brand new Online versions of Mr. Driller and Ms. Pac-Man Xevious Museum staples, including The Honorable Baraduke Bosconian An arrangement of Dig Dug II and Dig Dug The Dragon Spirit, the Dragon Buster, 1988’s Galaga An arrangement of Galaga Arrangement of Galaxian Grobda King & Balloon Mappy, Metro-Cross Motos Pac & Pal Pac-Man The Pac-Man Insanity Rally-X Rolling Thunder Pole Position II Rolling Thunder Sky Kid Deluxe Sky Kid Super Pac-Man is here! This is the Tower of Druaga.

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