Ninja Gaiden 3

Ninja Gaiden 3
Console Xbox 360
Publisher Tecmo
Developer Team Ninja
Genre Action , Adventure , Fighting
Downloads 2,604
Size 7.61 G
Released March 20, 2012
1.5/5 (2 votes)
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Ninja Gaiden 3 is the series’ third main game since its revival in 2004, and it once again stars Ninja Ryu Hayabusa as the protagonist. The game begins in the middle of a quick-time event, with Ryu battling a monstrous beast. Soon after, a flashback reveals that the government called him because an unknown gang staged a terrorist assault in London and took control of the area surrounding the prime minister’s mansion, holding him prisoner. They say in a video that they want Hayabusa turned up to them. He flies from Japan to London but has no intention of just surrendering. Later in the game, it is revealed that the gang responsible for the attack is a cult of alchemists seeking to construct a new global order, with Ryu as the spark. He travels from London to a city in the Rub al Khali desert, Abysmo Island in the Indian Ocean, Hayabusa Village in Japan, the Howard Phillips Plains in Antarctica, the Pacific Ocean, and ultimately back to Tokyo, Japan.

The plot no longer revolves around the previous games’ battles with friends and enemies. The gameplay is based on fast-paced action with a quick succession of moves to build up combinations and fight off several adversaries simultaneously, just like the other entries in the series. Moves are executed using a mix of weak and forceful assaults. Incoming strikes may be stopped, and there is a new sliding maneuver and a visual camera trick in slow motion when he performs a body-piercing technique, in addition to finishers. Air enemies may be assaulted with an auto-targeting bow, infinite ammunition, and shurikens. The ninja may fly down and strike from the air, utilize a new method to climb walls with his kunai by pressing a series of buttons quickly, or sneak up from behind and conduct a stealth kill. Many of the adversaries are mechanical and armed with firearms. Early in the game, he acquires an evil curse that merges his dragon sword with his arm, causing it to throb with veins. This causes Ryu to experience the anguish of each victim as he murders them. The curse’s influence makes him stronger or weaker at different points throughout the game. After killing a particular number of foes, his arm glows crimson, and he may use Grip of the Murder to unleash a deadly strike.

Compared to previous games, adversaries are no longer as deadly efficient in their strikes. Ryu can withstand more damage in a game where an arcade-like approach is frequently prioritized over strategic and deliberate battles. There is no longer a store, and things are scarce. A few more swords are eventually unearthed, and arrows for the bow are more robust. The Ninpo idea from earlier games returns, albeit in a different manner. Defeating foes builds a meter, and when it is complete, Ninpo may change into a dragon and slay all enemies in the surroundings while regaining total health. Additional Ninpo are accessible in multiplayer. There are now checkpoints where a falcon swoops down and restores health in place of the statue save mechanism. The game’s layout is primarily linear; however, in more prominent locations, a button may detect the path to take when you become trapped. After finishing the first level, Shadows of the World, the series’ first online multiplayer option, is unlocked. It provides cooperative tasks as well as online deathmatch games for up to eight players at the same time. Progress is consistent, and combat experience is utilized to unlock new tools and skills for the player permanently. The Move peripheral may direct and guide the attacks in the PlayStation 3 version.

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