Console Xbox 360
Genre Action , Adventure , Horror
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Size 6.71 G
Released October 6, 2009
3.8/5 (16 votes)
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Based on the blockbuster film franchise of the same name, Saw depicts the player as retired detective David Tapp shortly after the first film’s events. The Jigsaw Killer has cured his gunshot wound and imprisoned him in an abandoned institution to teach him the value of life. Tapp’s main objective is to explore the building and locate an exit while avoiding or overcoming Jigsaw’s traps and riddles. When the game begins, Tapp is immediately tasked with dismantling a trap known as the Reverse Bear Trap, a gadget set to go off and tear a human skull off. After removing the trap from his skull, he is free to roam a mental facility riddled with hazards such as shotgun doors, shattered glass that slashes Tapp’s bare feet, and other Jigsaw victims on the hunt for Tapp since Jigsaw has buried the key to their traps within his chest. The mysteries behind the movie must be solved; there are new people to meet, and the settings may be rebuilt. Tapp’s actions have an impact on the game’s result. If he is not cautious, innocent people will be killed in certain traps, and some of those walking the hallways are not aggressive. Killing them affects the game’s outcome and Tapp’s capacity to save others from specific traps. The game has two possible results: positive and negative. The only ending canonical to the films is the good one; the bad ending is not. Players control Tapp from a third-person perspective, and the fighting system is similar to Silent Hill: Homecoming. He can utilize numerous weapons in his surroundings, but they will shatter after a few uses. Some foes have traps on their heads that prevent them from seeing yet allow them to strike if they discover you, while adversaries with explosives attached to their hands will detonate after death, potentially harming you, and so on. Traps may also be employed against adversaries; for example, fuse boxes can be turned on over a pool of water, electrocuting anyone who steps in, and later in the game, the player can re-set shotgun doors and hide from foes. As the game progresses, additional traps, weaponry, light sources, and even the capacity to manufacture new traps or weapons from debris about the institution can be discovered. Some of the larger, more intricate traps require Tapp to save both his and another person’s lives, while others may compel him to choose between his own life and the lives of others. These traps are frequently disguised as complicated riddles. The game rewards the player for discovering clues and papers throughout the asylum. In many situations, Tapp cannot escape a trap without the assistance of clues.

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