Skate 2

Skate 2
Console Xbox 360
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer EA Black Box
Genre Racing , Sports
Downloads 4,735
Size 6.12 G
Released January 21, 2009
3/5 (53 votes)
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It’s been five years since your strange absence from the skate world, and a lot has happened since “the disaster-too-gnarly-to-be-named.” The enormous catastrophe completely devastated large portions of San Vanelona. Following the mass exodus, one firm, Mongocorp, was awarded the contract to reconstruct New San Vanelona, and the rigorous defense of their private property has dampened the once-thriving skate population. You aim to reestablish your career and revitalize the skate culture in New San Van. You’ll have to double the tricks and the added ability to get off your board to move objects and create the sickest lines to help you get the job done. A team of locals is on hand to assist you in getting things done. Skate 2: It’s time to reclaim the city, one block at a time.

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