Zuma’s Revenge!

Zuma’s Revenge!
Console Xbox 360
Publisher PopCap Games
Developer PopCap Games
Genre Puzzle
Downloads 1,514
Size 6.84 G
Released July 11, 2012
3.1/5 (15 votes)
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An unstoppable force has transported our courageous frog to an island where Zuma’s ribbing puzzle action has grown in incredible ways… yet malevolent spirits and stubborn tiki bosses rule the area! Survive the island’s wrath by blasting stone spheres at the deadly torrent of balls. There are over 60 levels to conquer by remaining sharp and avoiding concealed traps. Slide and hop for brighter shots; strike targets for exotic bonuses; blast new power-up balls; combat six intimidating tiki monsters; and lead your agile amphibian to success in four all-new game modes! In this PopCap ball-blasting adventure, will you succumb to treacherous hazards or master the jungle? Bejeweled 3 and Feeding Frenzy 2 are included as full-fledged additional Pop-Cap games!

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