Doom 64

Doom 64
Console Nintendo 64
Publisher Midway Games
Developer Midway Games
Genre Shooter
Downloads 7,659
Size 6.98MB
Released March 31, 1997
3.8/5 (6 votes)
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Doom 64 is a shooting action game developed and released by Midway Games for Nintendo 64. It’s a game of the Doom series and is the sequel of Doom II, which got a remaster and release on various platforms. This game is a perfect combination of science fiction and fantasy when it uses sci-fi element to develop the environment and the world, and fantasy element to develop enemies and other things. The game also uses the evil element and creates a private universe for monsters, and then stuffed players into it to entertain.

Doom 64 is a sequel to previous series games, and they all use the same character, Doom Marine, as the main character. In this game, players will have to go to an alien planet to fight the demons. The player’s battle will not end until the player defeats the last boss. The game has a diverse environment, with many paths along with a variety of items for players to survive. Moreover, Doom Marine can use many weapons at the same time, even creating a powerful combo by constantly changing weapons. And weapons will be unlocked when the player progresses to the plot, and the game will have some hidden secrets to bring the exploration element of this game.

The game has a simple control mechanism, but the player will be limited to looking up or down, and can only kill demons if standing at the same height as them. Demons will also be diverse in shape and ability, many demons will constantly advance to the player, while some demons will stand far away to attack the player. The player’s journey will have to go through many different areas, and in each region, the player needs to defeat the boss and search for the key to open the gate. Of course, the game also has collectible items and will unlock bonuses when players collect them all.

Bonuses will extend the playing time of the game, and bring many challenges for players to entertain. After all, this game emphasizes violence, and most of the time in this game is shooting scenes, and players will have no time to recover. Because of this, the game is fast-paced gameplay, as well as the movement speed of the Doom Marine, will be very high for players to dodge or complete the story faster. Doom 64 is one of the first FPS games released for Nintendo 64, and it is considered one of the best games with violent gameplay.

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