Mario Party 3

Mario Party 3
Console Nintendo 64
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Hudson Soft
Genre Action , Strategy
Downloads 8,271
Size 24.21MB
Released December 7, 2000
3.2/5 (16 votes)
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Mario Party 3 is a party game released by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 series. It is the third game of the Mario Party series and is also a series of games specializing in entertainment purposes. It is mainly a multiplayer game up to four players, and there is also a story mode for everyone to enjoy. The Mario Party series is famous for its mini-games, and every player will challenge together in the mini-games series to decide who wins. In the third game of the series, it will appear new characters, new mini-games, and many new features for players to have the best experience. And this series promises to bring players the most entertaining and fun for players to enjoy with friends or family.

Each player selects one of the available characters to act as a representative throughout the match. A match will be decided when a player reaches the required stars, and to get a star, the player must win the mini-games. After selecting a representative character, everyone will be brought into a universe of Super Mario, and the player must complete matches to progress the plot. The game has many different missions, and each mission will have a new map and many new things for players to explore or experience. The variety of maps, features, and mini-games are the best in this game, and they ensure players have the best experience with the game party genre.

Each match will bring players to a giant board surrounded by circles connected to form a path. The player will move on those circles, and the player has to use the dice to move. There will be highlighted circles on the way, and those will have lots of random surprises for players like mini-games, items, and prizes. Players can arrange many things on the circles, thus creating surprises for other players every time they pass through the square. Players must move in order, and the game will end until someone has reached the required Stars, although the player has gone many laps on the board.

The variety of mini-games is the highlight of this game, each mini-game has its own rules, and they are fast-paced and up to 30 seconds for each mini-game. Whoever gets the highest score, or who is the last person standing in the arena will be the winner and get a Stars. Stars are considered as points, and players can change the number of Stars needed to end in a custom game.

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