Star Fox 64

Star Fox 64
Console Nintendo 64
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo EAD
Genre Shooter
Region Japan
Downloads 7,940
Size 9.80MB
Released April 27, 1997
3.6/5 (20 votes)
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Star Fox 64 is an action game set in a science fiction universe with cutting-edge technology. The game was released on Nintendo 64, and is a rebooted version of the original game, Star Fox. Players will play the main character, Fox McCloud, and use many different types of a spaceship to fight or complete missions. The diversity of the universe, as well as the planet, are the locations where the player’s mission takes place, and the game uses the most realistic 3D graphics to give players an excellent experience for science fiction.

Star Fox 64 has gameplay developed in the style of 3D scrolling shooter games so that the movement will be limited, but the player has excellent maneuver in this game. Players will control the spacecraft through a third perspective, from which along with Fox McFloid go through countless missions to progress the story or collect items. The primary game mode is the Corridor Mode, and in that mode, the player’s ship will be forced to move forward and cannot back down. Players can still stop the ship for a short time, but the player must control the ship to avoid obstacles or attacks from the enemy.

The inner world of Star Fox 64 is designed in a variety and in-depth, thereby enriching the environment and enemies will appear in many different shapes. Players will also have access to a massive weapons arsenal, including spacecraft, weapons, equipment, etc. While on a mission, players can fly around to search for Power-ups that can boost the power of the ship in a short time. Weapons equipped on the ship will have many different uses for players to deal with enemies or bosses. Some weapons can charge to launch a more powerful attack, and guided missiles can lock the target automatically and chase to the end.

The mission system of the game will be massive and varied in content and objectives for players. The harder the task, the greater the reward, and from there, players will have more opportunities to develop the power of the ship. Star Fox 64 is considered to be one of the best sci-fi games with rich and diverse gameplay and features. Players will always find new things in this game to entertain as well as explore a vast universe.

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