Console Nintendo Switch
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
Developer id Software
Genre Action
Downloads 10,515
Released November 9, 2017
3.9/5 (36 votes)
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DOOM is back as a modern-day shooting experience that is both exhilarating and taxing, and it was developed by id Software. This company was instrumental in developing the first-person shooter genre and the multiplayer Deathmatch mode.

The foundation for intense first-person combat is laid with unrelenting demons, impossibly destructive guns, and quick, fluid movement. This is true whether you are annihilating demon hordes through the depths of Hell in the single-player campaign or competing against your friends in various multiplayer modes.

DOOM NW is the sequel to the DOOM reboot that was released in 2016, and it once again places you in the remarkably durable armor of the Doom Slayer. In this sequel, the Doom Slayer returns to Earth and finds that demons have taken control of the planet while he is away. He was busy battling more demons, so it’s not like he took a vacation or anything like that. Even though there is a storyline that diehard fans of the DOOM series will almost certainly find to be of great interest, let’s face it: that storyline is nothing more than elaborate window dressing for the game’s real mission, which is to “kill everything that has a pulse, and some things that probably don’t have pulses but look dangerous anyway.”

Defeating the invading demon hordes from Hell does not allow you to take shelter or rest so that your health may be restored. Demons may be defeated in various inventive and brutal ways by combining their arsenal of futuristic and classic firearms, upgrades, mobility, and a complex combat system. For example, you can knock down, stab, stomp, crush, and blast apart demons.

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