Cooking Mama: Mama’s 2-Pack

Cooking Mama: Mama’s 2-Pack
Console Nintendo Wii
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Cooking Mama: Mama’s 2-Pack, the sequel to Cooking Mama, will cook up a storm on Nintendo DS and Wii. This game will satisfy gaming gourmands worldwide with its delicious fun, engaging gameplay, new recipes, mini-games, and exciting multiplayer mode.

An improved sequel

Cooking Mama: Mama’s 2-Pack is enhancing its predecessor’s success. The sequel will improve the original game’s unique premise, according to 505 Games’ Managing Director Ian Howe.


Cooking Mama: Mama’s 2-Pack needs a lot of mini-games. Players will return for more with twice as many mini-games as the original.

Multiplayer madness recipe

A thrilling multiplayer mode is also added. Chef hats and aprons let players cook up a storm against friends. Mama’s kitchen becomes a battlefield as you slice, dice, simmer, and saut√© to victory.


The sequel offers an immersive cooking simulation like the original. The Nintendo DS and Wii are used to create interactive and fun culinary challenges, from chopping onions to kneading dough. Your virtual kitchen will almost smell delicious!


Mama’s enthusiasm drives Cooking Mama: Mama’s 2-Pack. Mama guides, encourages, and adds humor to her new recipes and mini-games, keeping the kitchen the warmest room.

Cooking Mama: Mama’s 2-Pack is a tasty and fun game.
Fans of the original and newcomers alike will enjoy its enhanced gameplay, wealth of mini-games, and exciting multiplayer mode, all seasoned with Mama’s charm.
Join Mama in the kitchen for more fun with an apron!

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