Vacation Isle: Beach Party

Vacation Isle: Beach Party
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Warner Bros
Genre Action , Sports
Downloads 733
Size 1.52 G
Released June 8, 2010
5/5 (1 vote)
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Vacation Isle: Beach Party offers endless possibilities for an unforgettable adventure! From snowy peaks to bright city lights, this game provides thrilling activities. Fun is limitless here!

Explore the world

The game encourages unique exploration. Explore the game’s beautiful scenery, from icy mountaintops to bustling cities. Vacation Isle: Beach Party lets you play without menus. Instead, you visit each mesmerizing location in the game, immersing you in an enthralling world.

Diverse activities

Enjoy street races, scuba diving, skydiving, and more. The game’s many activities offer something for everyone, making it ideal for families and groups. Vacation Isle: Beach Party is full of surprises.


The game’s intuitive controls make it easy to play. The Wii Balance BoardTM, ZapperTM, and Wii MotionPlusTM allow realistic and immersive gameplay. This feature makes gaming more fun.

Start playing!

Vacation Isle: Beach Party makes gaming easy and fun. The game’s simple controls let you jump into any activity. This game lets you start having fun immediately, regardless of your gaming experience.

The end

Vacation Isle: Beach Party offers endless fun.
Its diverse activities, immersive world, and simple controls make it a game for all ages.
This game offers thrilling street races and relaxing scuba diving.
Why wait? Vacation Isle: Beach Party has endless fun!

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