Wario Land: Shake It!

Wario Land: Shake It!
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Good-Feel
Genre Platform
Region Europe
Downloads 8,382
Size 2.42 G
Released September 22, 2008
4.7/5 (6 votes)
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Nintendo’s obnoxious, nasty, and ungrateful anti-hero, Wario, goes back to his roots. Wario made his debut in the Wario Land series, which is now back in all its side-scrolling, platform-jumping splendor.

  • Veterans and newbies may both sprint, leap, and bash their way through chaotic side-scrolling stages by turning the Wii Remote controller to the side. You may shake down your adversaries, release riches from treasure bags, and even start earthquakes by shaking the Wii Remote.
  • Each stage is a skillfully designed side-scrolling maze filled with traps, adversaries, and other perils. There are many secrets and riches to be found on every stage (and steal). Moreover, each stage features numerous “missions.” “to entice you to return repeatedly so you may unlock everything, gather more cash, or simply beat your previous time.
  • With all the usual jumping, power-dashing, and butt-stomping, Wario is back to his usual self. Wario at his most sarcastic is in this.

Game narrative: Wario is given a vintage globe and telescope that enable him to visit the once-romantic Shake Dimension, which the despotic pirate Shake King has now captured. He must free the Merfles, inhabitants of the Shake Dimension imprisoned by the Shake King, with the aid of his lifelong rival Captain Syrup. Wario can only locate and battle the Shake King, save Queen Merelda, queen of the Merfles, and, most importantly, obtain the Bottomless Coin Sack, a never-ending supply of gold, by conquering the bosses of all five continents of this weird realm.

In order to advance through the game, Wario must find a trapped Merfle by traversing a maze of hazards and traps in each stage. Once he’s set the tiny guy free, the clock starts ticking, and he has to get back to the starting line before it’s too late. Additionally, Wario must fight a boss on each continent before paying Captain Syrup for a map of the following one. After taking down the bosses on each of the five continents, Wario faces off against the Shake King.

Characters: Our “hero,” Wario.” Wario receives assistance from Captain Syrup, a female pirate and competitor from earlier games. The defenseless Merfles, inhabitants of the Shake Dimension, and Queen Merelda, who over them. The Shake King is the captain of a vicious pirate crew that has taken control of the Shake Dimension.

Special powers/weapons/moves/features: Wario can jump and dash, as in earlier Wario Land games, among other special abilities, weaponry, moves, and features. The option to shake the Wii Remote for different effects is new to this game. Wario punches the ground by default when the Wii Remote is shaken, which causes a mini earthquake and knocks out foes. Then, with a further shake of the Wii Remote, Wario can pick up knocked-out foes and shake them for healing garlic and occasionally gold. Aiming is done by tilting the Wii Remote when throwing enemies.

Throughout the game, Wario also controls three distinct vehicles, all of which may be driven in part by tilting the Wii Remote. The controls, which consist of the D-pad and buttons, are typical for a Wii Remote held sideways, but there is a significant difference: most of Wario’s special techniques are performed by shaking or tilting the Wii Remote. This gives the player a lot of options without making them memorize complex button combinations.

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