Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country
Console SNES
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Rare
Genre Platform
Region North America
Downloads 15,116
Size 2.48MB
Released November 21, 1994
4.5/5 (23 votes)
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Donkey Kong is a game that was released a long time ago, since the era of Arcade, this game has existed for players to experience. At that time, this game was considered one of the most interesting games for players to have fun. But then the character Donkey Kong is a villain and the kidnapper of the princess to detain. Recognizing the potential of Donkey Kong not only possible, the Nintendo game decided to launch Donkey Kong Country. This game tells the life of the other Kong on his island for players to explore. Launched in 1994 and produced for release on the SNES platform. This game gives players a completely different view of the character Donkey Kong so that players can feel. This time, it is not necessary to act as a villain, but Kong will become the main character of the game for the player to control. This game gives players a very new experience, and it has made this game to achieve unexpected success. The game quickly became one of the greatest names of the SNES platform, as judged by players and experts.

Everyone knows that monkeys or apes have a favorite food that is bananas; this is the food they spend the most time searching for food. The Kong is living on the island and enjoy their bananas that they just found, but King K. Rool stole the banana. This made Kong very angry and so Donkey Kong and a new character, Diddy Kong, set out to find their bananas. Players will not be alone during this journey when the game has added Diddy Kong to help players. During this journey, players need to go through many different challenges to be able to get back the bananas.

Each time, the player can only control a character, but that player can change between Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to control. Each character has different characteristics for players to use depending on the case. For example, Donkey Kong has higher physical power and can use it to confront enemies. In particular, Diddy Kong has a smaller body to move more flexibly.

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