Super Metroid

Super Metroid
Console SNES
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Intelligent Systems , Nintendo R&D1
Genre Action , Adventure
Downloads 7,485
Size 1.50MB
Released April 18, 1994
3.7/5 (14 votes)
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Nintendo has many gaming devices that achieve success on an international level rather than just a small area. Among the gaming devices that they have produced before, there is a name that players can not help but know it, and that name is SNES. This is the best-selling device and has become a legend to this day people still buy it to collect. So what made it so successful? One of the most critical factors to determine this device’s success is its game store. It has a lot of exciting games for players to experience. About the shooting game genre on this platform, there is an indispensable name that is not called Super Metroid – a third-person shooter. This game has achieved great success and is only behind the leader Super Mario World only. This opinion is not of any individual that is recognized by gamers around the world. This game is the third game of the Metroid series, and its success surpasses the previous two brothers to get to the top position.

The context of the game is played on the planet Zebes, a fictional planet created for players to experience. A world is a place where humans have yet to discover all that it has to offer a comprehensive map. So this game focuses on finding what the planet has to offer players to experience its uniqueness. But on this journey, the player must confront a lot of dangerous monsters to be able to conquer this planet. Players will have to face a lot of monsters, enemies to be able to complete the assigned task.

Players will have to confront a lot of powerful monsters, so what players need is the best equipment to fight. During their journey, players can meet parts of armor and use them to increase strength. But once the player has them all, the player can form a complete armor with superior powers for the player to fight.

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