Super Mario World

Super Mario World
Console SNES
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo EAD
Genre Platform
Region Japan
Downloads 19,950
Size 342.76KB
Released November 21, 1990
3.9/5 (58 votes)
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Mario is one of the iconic characters of the whole Nintendo, and many character titles are available to play. Since its first launch, all Nintendo gaming devices have been included with this game for players to experience. And the common point of all those games is the very successful games of that platform. In the early games and later games, players have seen Mario start the journey to rescue Princess Peach. It is the story that has been told in many games that players have ever experienced. So do players want to go to a different world to start a different adventure? If so, please come to the game produced for the SNES platform Super Mario World to experience. Different from other games that players have ever experienced, this game gives people waiting for another story for players to enjoy. This game is considered as the most successful game of the NES platform for players to choose for entertainment.

After successfully rescuing the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros. 3, both Mario and Luigi decided to go to Dinosaur Land to rest. This land is the only place in the world that still has animals from ancient times, choosing to live as dinosaurs. However, Bowser once again kidnaps another princess to imprison them, and this time is Princess Toadstool. On their journey to find the princess, they meet a huge dinosaur egg, and it hatches a dinosaur named Yoshi. So Mario and Luigi accompanied Yoshi to rescue Princess Toadstool from the hands of the wicked. The story of the game is entirely new, making the game one of the best games of all time.

In this game, there are many new powers to support the player on his journey. In addition to what players have seen as giant chemistry, the power of fire, this time, the game has added other power for players to use. In this game, the power is Cape Feather, an ability to allow Mario to fly. Players only need to collect cloaks to be able to possess this power to use.

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