Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III
Console SNES
Publisher Squaresoft
Developer Squaresoft
Genre Role-Playing
Region North America
Downloads 2,675
Released October 20, 1994
5/5 (3 votes)
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When it comes to an exciting RPG game, what is the name that comes to your mind first? That’s definitely Final Fantasy, right? There is no debate about what this game can offer to players to experience. Although it was released a long time ago until now, the game has continued to extend for players to experience. Up to now, 15 titles in the original series, and many other titles have been released for players to experience. In it, some games are highly appreciated by players such as the third installment of the game called Final Fantasy III released on SNES. Many critics have praised this game as one of the most excellent titles of SNES. This game is played a significant role in shaping the gameplay of the entire series for players to experience. So in this game, there are many interesting things that the game brings for players to explore. Thanks to these new things, it has been liked by many players and is the first choice to play.

In the second part of the game, Square Enix made a bold move that is to remove the game’s EXP mechanism to replace it with something else. Although many players appreciate it, they are too complicated and make players not want to experience it. So in this third, everything has been returned so that players can fight and level up. When players battle monsters and defeat them, players will receive EXP to level up. When players level up, the player’s power will be significantly improved, and that will help you easily win. Players need to spend a fairly long time to be able to level up and become stronger.

In the game, a character’s class is not decided in the first place when the player chooses the character to play, but they are select on the journey. A team of up to four members and each member can own not only one class to fight. The game offers 23 different classes for you to choose from and learn the skills of that class. As players level up, they will become stronger and gain new skills to fight.

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