Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana
Console SNES
Publisher Squaresoft
Developer Squaresoft
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region World
Downloads 6,526
Size 1.28MB
Released October 1, 1993
5/5 (1 vote)
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When it comes to the genre of JRPG, many names appear in the minds of many players to give answers. Among them are some famous names such as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest for players to choose from. Both of these games have something in common, both being successful and being developed and published by Square Enix. There are many famous titles produced by them so that players can choose not only the two series mentioned above. Among the many famous games besides the two well-known names, players can also know Secret of Mana. At a time when almost all games have a similar development path, this game chooses a different way for the player to experience. This difference has made the success of this game to make it one of the most excellent series of SNES games. The time it was launched was in 1991, and right after its launch, it has received a reception from the gaming community worldwide.

The only common aspect of this game compared to its contemporaries is that it has a top-down perspective for players to control. But that’s the only thing, and if you talk about the differences, there’s a lot to explore. Most of the contemporaneous games, turn-based gameplay is very familiar to many players, but this game uses real-time battles. Instead of overflowing and attacking one after another, the player will actively come to the enemy’s position to attack the enemy. Or if the player does not want to be able to go the other way to avoid the attack from the enemy. All decisions are in the hands of the player so that the player will be best played. Players can attack or evade depending on the player’s will; this time, you will have the initiative.

In the player’s journey, there are many dangerous things that players must overcome if they want to win. Doing it by yourself is difficult to achieve, but doing it with your teammates is a lot easier. So the game has brought players two more companions named Primm and Popoi to support each other in battle. Players can control any character that they want to fight. When the player chooses a character, the remaining two characters will be managed by AI to attack the enemy.

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