Star Fox

Star Fox
Console SNES
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Argonaut Software , Nintendo EAD
Genre Shooter
Region Europe
Downloads 4,698
Size 605.39KB
Released February 21, 1993
4.5/5 (2 votes)
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There are many shooting game titles that players can experience, whether in the present or the past. This genre is always a genre that gives players the thrill of living and dying for players to experience. But instead of directly holding a gun to fight, do you want to become a pilot of a fighter plane? In the military, fighter planes are an essential thing for any army because it plays a vital role in determining the victory of the battle. If you want to experience that, the Star Fox game produced on the SNES platform will be a perfect choice. This game was released in 1993, and it offers an entirely different experience than what players can find in other titles. The game will bring players the battle in the air for you to experience. Thanks to these differences, it has made the brand of a whole game series for players to experience.

In the pretty games that players can experience in this series, players can only participate in battles with their guns only. But this game is not like that; it gives players a spaceship so the player can control and start the battle. Players need to find a way to be able to control their ship and fight. There are many goals in the game so the player can attack and destroy, only after destroying all of this stage will be able to go to another stage. But not stopping there, but at the end of each stage, the player will have to fight the Boss and destroy it to reach the next place. In the first stages, everything is easy, but when it comes to the later stages, it will become more and more difficult to overcome. So players need to improve your skills through each battle in the game to become strong.

In the game, there are two other factors compared to the side-rolling games that players have previously experienced. In many other games, the player can only move continuously forward with a constant speed to attack the enemy. But this time, the player has increased the speed in a short time or reduced the speed to fight.

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