Console Sony Playstation 3
Publisher 2K Games
Developer 2K Australia , 2K Boston
Genre Shooter
Downloads 14,060
Size 11.56 G
Released October 21, 2008
4.5/5 (2 votes)
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BioShock is one of the best first-person role-playing games in the development history of PlayStation 3. The reason lies in the gameplay and its inner world development. The game has a unique, novel design world, and the most exciting thing about that city is an underwater city. That city is called Rapture, and it has a style that combines steampunk with cyberpunk to create a new beauty compared to other games. The player will play as Jack, the protagonist of the game, and accompany him through a series of challenges and exciting mini-games. The game is built with role-playing elements, from which players can explore Rapture in interacting with NPC or completing challenges along the way.

The gameplay of BioShock was developed in a first-person role-playing genre with flexible control mechanisms. The game also has a diverse storyline, and it has many different endings based on the player’s decisions and actions. Moreover, the plot of the game will lead Jack through many corners of the city of Rapture, thereby engaging in dangerous and suspense objectives. Of course, the game will have a lot of cutscene at crucial moments to make the game more attractive and impressive to the player.

Jack can use two different weapons, which are normal weapons and plasmid weapons. The variety of weapons will lead to many things, such as damage, range, and mobility. Players can also switch between weapons to create powerful combos during combat. Along the way, there will be supplies and items for players to recover their bodies and weapons. Besides, the events in the game will unlock new features and new weapons for players to collect and explore. BioShock is called a role-playing game because of the character system that the game introduces to the player. When players complete the objectives, they will receive experience points, and players can enhance the stat or unlock new skills through this system.

BioShock is famous for using steampunk/cyberpunk elements to develop environments, enemies, and weapons. The player will always be chased by Big Daddies and many of their minions throughout the game. Players will have to focus on completing the objective and focus on dealing with enemies in many different situations simultaneously. It is also one of the things that makes this game stand out and engaging. BioShock not only gives the player a tour in an underwater city but also let them explore it’s secret and many other things by interacting with NPCs.

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