Console Sony Playstation 3
Publisher Activision Blizzard
Developer Bizarre Creations
Genre Racing
Downloads 60,373
Size 6.16 G
Released May 25, 2010
3.9/5 (83 votes)
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The ultimate adrenaline-pumping racing game, Blur immerses players in electrifying action with numerous cars exchanging paint as they sprint towards the finish line.


  • Power-ups that Shock Your Socks off – During each race, drivers will gather and employ intense Power-ups that include the ability to drop mines, construct defensive shields to fend off other racers, blast other vehicles out of the way with powerful energy bursts, increase speed with Nitros, and more. Each Power-up can be used separately by a player on the spot, or three of the same Power-up can be strategically stacked and comboed to increase the impact on the opposition.
  • Racing for All Gamers – Blur goes beyond conventional racers by combining genre staples like licensed cars, photo-realistic graphics, and real-world locations with gameplay that is entirely focused on “fun”. This includes games with intuitive pick-up-and-play controls, a distinctive and innovative social network style user interface, intense Power-ups, and races where players are always in the pack competing for the lead from beginning to end. No of your level of expertise or experience, Blur is for you.
  • Social Network Interface – Blur’s brand-new, ground-breaking social network user interface is created to change and adapt dynamically as players engage in various races, meet new pals, rivals, and supporters, and communicate with other racers both in-game and in real life. Through messaging, opinions, challenges, and the exchange of images, players communicate with one another and learn what’s happening in the Blur universe, such as where and when the upcoming major races will take place, how to organize their supporters, and how to complete challenges that are tailored to their preferred racing style.
  • It Wouldn’t Be Racing Without Multiplayer – Blur gives players a fresh take on racing by letting them compete and have fun while racing with friends and other players online. The game includes team and objective-based race events and allows competitive and cooperative play. It also has a 4-player split-screen mode so you can play with friends while lounging on the couch. Additionally, Blur introduces Custom Groups, where anyone may design exclusive multiplayer game types based on their own game-playing styles. The game is then expanded in ways that are only constrained by the ingenuity of the gaming community by these new modes being shared over Blur’s social network.
  • Real-World Automobiles and Settings – Blur offers players the chance to race over aesthetically breathtaking tracks set in real-world locations such as L.A. and San Francisco, the streets of Hackney, UK, the perilous roads of Barcelona, and even Japan. The game also offers over 50 licensed cars to choose from. As they go through the game’s narrative, players will be able to unlock and buy a variety of car models that pay homage to various racing cultures, including Rat, Drift, Smooth, and Tuner, each with unique performance advantages and disadvantages.
  • ‘Caution! – Cinematic Destruction Meets Photo-Realism’ Panels on photorealistic cars may crumple as they flip and slide down the track in violent crashes with lots of damage and destruction.
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