Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise
Console Sony Playstation 3
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Criterion
Genre Racing
Downloads 19,956
Size 3.01 G
Released January 22, 2008
3.9/5 (12 votes)
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A racing world is opened in Burnout Paradise. Image of a paradise city, the convergence of many racers from many countries and races worldwide. You transform into a fiercely competitive player on the track.


Entering this world, players can freely create specific situations on the track. A successful race is when the player rushes on the journey that can cause the most problems. Thereby, racers are showing talent and skills under the admiring eyes of the opponent and the audience. Showtime is designed for players to make situational customizations. You control the car on any road and let the car run for as long as possible.


When encountering an incident, Burnout Paradise will rely on the vehicle’s condition to decide what happens next. If the racing car still has four wheels or has a slight scratch on the tire, the player is still entitled to continue the race with it, in contrast to the significant accidents that seriously affect the warrior’s physical condition. The game does not accept forcing the player to put the car to the side of the track and wait until there is a new car. The racing car system is freely chosen and ordered by the player.


You will not be alone on this dangerous but exciting race track. You can connect contacts and invite them to participate in a car race. Events will be held consecutively for the player’s friends. After a rider is defeated, their photo and some other information will be displayed and reported to the opponent. Thanks to that, you know the situation and the number of current riders to develop appropriate tactics.

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