Fuel Overdose

Fuel Overdose
Console Sony Playstation 3
Developer I-Friqiya
Genre Racing
Downloads 862
Size 162.17 M
Released March 15, 2013
5/5 (1 vote)
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With new game mechanics and a tactical take on the genre, Fuel Overdose reinvents the action-racing experience.

Many intriguing concepts from many gaming genres are borrowed in Fuel Overdose. Each racer, for instance, has a distinct style, accompanying stat boosts, and special moves. It has a similar vibe to Street Fighter in that regard. Even the game’s tier-based “Ultra” moves serve to emphasize the connection.

You have to visit the armory before each race. While buying guns is encouraged here, any ammo that you don’t use earns you money. A piece of advice: buy additional grappling hooks because they are essential to winning every race. By grabbing onto particular things or even other cars, they are utilized to slingshot around tight corners.

Driving around tracks in an isometric view is the main gameplay element of racing games. The camera is terrible, which is the game’s worst fault. In addition to being constrictive, it frequently turns and reorients itself, giving the impression that it has a consciousness of its own. Additionally, it is ill-timed, frequently changing in the middle of a turn.

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