Madden NFL 25

Madden NFL 25
Console Sony Playstation 3
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Tiburon
Genre Sports
Downloads 4,317
Size 7.57 G
Released August 27, 2013
3.5/5 (13 votes)
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For those who love rugby games, Madden NFL 25 is a suggestion worth considering. The game is a product of the publisher EA Sports, inspired by the National Football League. Thoroughly cared for and developed in all aspects. Here is a detailed introduction to the game; everyone, please take a moment to find out.


To ensure that players are not disappointed when playing the game, the publisher has created a playground called Madden NFL 25 that features extremely high-quality 3D graphics. The players are drawn in by the meticulousness with which the character system has been crafted. The characters are quite tall, which meets the needs of athletes competing in professional rugby matches. The publisher is also very particular about the character’s costume. Each team will wear a unique outfit to help them stand out.


Thanks to Madden NFL 25, players can have the opportunity to explore the world of rugby, become members of the famous football team in this game. Participants are guided by the rules of the game as well as how to play clearly. With the words displayed on the screen, the buttons to move, throw the ball, and use personal equipment, players will easily control their characters’ actions.


The game offers fascinating and attractive gameplay, requiring players to apply their tactics and techniques. Players will have to be quick because they may be involved in different positions: attacking or defending or being a pitcher. Therefore, regardless of the role, the participant also needs to have his own strategy to help his teammates.

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