Metal Gear Solid 4 Database

Metal Gear Solid 4 Database
Console Sony Playstation 3
Publisher Konami
Developer Kojima Productions
Downloads 222
Released June 19, 2008
4/5 (2 votes)

Plot and tales

Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid 4 Database (MGS4DB) is a groundbreaking companion to Guns of the Patriots. The game is set in 2014, five years after the “Big Shell Incident” of MGS2. “Old Snake,” a rapidly aging Solid Snake, must kill his nemesis Liquid Snake. The story explores war, betrayal, and morality, immersing players in a fascinating world that defies video game conventions. As an encyclopedia, MGS4DB helps newcomers and veterans follow the series’ complex storyline, characters, and events.

Gameplay, graphics, and characters

MGS4DB reinvents stealth-based gameplay, offering multiple mission strategies. The game’s stealth elements are enhanced by a linear close-quarters combat system and the “OctoCamo,” a suit that lets Snake blend in with his surroundings. Its PS3-powered graphics bring the game’s bleak future setting to life. MGS4DB profiles every MGS character. Players can explore the backgrounds, relationships, and roles of characters like Solid Snake, Otacon, and lesser-known figures.

Interactive Database:

A complete MGS encyclopedia.
Advanced Stealth Gameplay: OctoCamo suit and refined close-quarters combat.
Stunning Graphics: Uses PS3 power to create detailed environments and character models.
In-Depth Character Profiles: Character backgrounds and roles are explained in detail.
Dynamic Plot: Blends war, betrayal, and moral ambiguity.
Tactical Espionage Action: Requires strategy to sneak through enemy territory.
Engaging Storytelling: Integrates mature and thought-provoking narrative with gameplay.
Transferring: Share PS3, and PSP saved data.
Cinematic Visuals: Movie-like cutscenes immerse players in the game.
Chronological View: Explains the complex MGS storyline.

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