Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge
Console Sony Playstation 3
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer EA Digital Illusions CE
Genre Action , Adventure
Downloads 11,450
Released January 13, 2009
4.2/5 (24 votes)
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Mirror’s Edge is a first-person action game in a dystopian future overseen by a totalitarian administration that maintains a significant level of surveillance on its population. The city has a neat appearance, with predominantly white visuals with orange accents. These visuals have a bright frigid tone. Faith is a female runner who communicates information by traveling over the city’s roofs while watching all other kinds of contact. Players take control of Faith. Her mother passed away during the November Riots, and her father abandoned her shortly afterward. Thus she spent her childhood growing up on the streets by herself. She was educated by a man named Mercury as a young child. Mercury was the one who discovered her breaking in and was amazed by her skills. Government agents are pursuing her, and she must find a way to protect her sister.

The emphasis is placed on the participant’s freedom of movement, which is one of the core tenets of parkour. Although the game’s progression is generally linear, the controls are mainly context-sensitive, and Faith needs to string together moves to build up a fluid flow of movement. This can be accomplished by running up walls, sliding below fences, jumping, vaulting, or climbing, as well as by using pipes, ramps, or using items such as zip lines. The camera, which rotates or bobs up and down according to the speed and the significant visibility of her arms, legs, and torso, all contribute to the focus on movement in the video. The majority of the game does not utilize a HUD. The colors of the city become less vibrant whenever Faith is injured. Runner Vision is a feature implemented in the game to assist the player in the game’s fast-paced mobility. This feature highlights environmental components that occur to Faith that could be used as escape routes. When dealing with difficult circumstances, one method for slowing down without losing forward motion is reaction time, a variant of bullet time.

Even though Faith is forced to evade the agents that pursue her on foot or from helicopters most of the time, she can engage in close-quarters fight with them, disarm them, and then seize and use the weapons they carry. There are ten different chapters in this game, all of which take place either outside or inside various buildings. The narrative is advanced not via the use of the game engine but rather through animated films that play in between the tasks. Alongside the primary story mode, a time attack option encompasses portions of the levels. Red runners with the best timings represent players who take on the role of ghosts. During gameplay, hidden messenger bags can be collected to access more content.


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