Console Sony Playstation 3
Publisher Activision
Genre Action , Adventure
Downloads 9,073
Released June 9, 2009
4/5 (42 votes)
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Learn What Can Be Found Beyond the Boundaries of the Evolutionary Process. You are the Prototype, a shapeshifter with great fighting, destructive, and deceptive abilities.

You may either immediately convert your body into an assortment of lethal biological weapons to cut your way to the core of the conspiracy that has been developing for forty years, or you can consume your targets for their shape and memory to assume a flawless disguise.

Explore the neighborhoods of New York City while keeping an eye out for signs of the life you once had. You have an arsenal of identities at your disposal; use them to take the shape of anybody who stands in your way so that you may confuse, take advantage of, or eliminate your adversaries.

Fight an underground battle against groups with intricate plans that either tries to capture or eliminate you. They pose the greatest danger to you and hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of your history. Confront them, identify individuals responsibly, and ensure they pay for their actions.


  • Experience the thrill of playing as the most compelling character ever designed, with ground-breaking shapeshifting abilities and exaggerated parkour-style movement.
  • You’ll find what you’re looking for in New York City. A bustling, colorful, and fully interactive city that is teeming with thousands of people and adversaries who are all out to get you.
  • Investigate a conspiracy that has been a source of concern for the government of the United States for many years. Who should be held accountable for your current state? You are the only one who can find out!


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