The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Console Sony Playstation 3
Publisher Universal acclaim
Developer Bethesda Game Studios
Genre Role-Playing
Downloads 2,207
Size 14.32 G
Released March 20, 2007
5/5 (1 vote)
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The elements of myth, fantasy, and fiction are all made up of ancient histories, and today they are used to develop games. These elements are often seen in fantasy adventure games with a medieval setting based on them. And one of those games is called Oblivion, which is the fourth game in the The Elder Scrolls. This game is famous for its interactive environment, as well as the fantasy environment development when combining medieval architecture and using perfect colors. Oblivion not only gives players an authentic experience of the fantasy world, but it also gives players the freedom to do what they want in a vast world without limits.

Oblivion is a fantasy open-world adventure game with fascinating gameplay and a variety of things. The game allows the player to control the character through the first perspective, with a smooth control mechanism to help them have the best experience when adventuring. The game has many different systems, which makes its gameplay more attractive than ever, players can travel everywhere, explore places, and interact with characters. The most exciting thing about this game is its interactive environment; players can break into other people’s homes to loot, as well as use the environment as a weapon to fight. Moreover, NPCs will become more genuine when players can equip a pan and execute a stealth kill. Everything in this game is developed in detail and depth, thereby allowing players to become more creative in the adventure as well as fighting.

Players can use experience points to enhance their strength, such as the effectiveness of weapons and proficiency in magic. The variety of weapons and equipment is what makes this game so attractive. Players can collect equipment from enemies, or complete dungeons and side quests. The game’s quest system will be massive and varied, and every residential location has a sub-quest system to keep players entertained or extend the playing time. Of course, the rewards will also vary, and players have to make choices in the negotiation. Interacting with NPCs will affect the plot or change some things in the world.

Oblivion is rated as one of the best open-world games on every platform. The game not only gives players real adventure experiences but also gives players memorable moments with the world.

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