Creature Defense

Creature Defense
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Hudson Soft
Developer Hudson Soft
Genre Strategy
Region Japan
Downloads 0
Released November 5, 2009
4.2/5 (5 votes)

The hills need your help, so gather the Monsters! “Creature Defense” creates a new kind of gaming experience by combining the engaging Tower Defense gameplay with the strategies of card battles. This opens up a wide range of potential tactical outcomes. Aspects of the Game: – Unique stages and modes! Includes a profusion of courses and game types, with a total playtime of over fifty hours! As you defend the hills from the incoming monsters, you must develop a good strategy. Be wary of games that can become addictive! – More than 60 different types of creatures, each with distinct attributes! Buy additional Monster Cards to add to your collection and keep your roster full! – SP Skills! Utilize the Monster’s abilities to get an advantage in each fight after they have been activated once their level has been raised to a higher degree.

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