Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Rockstar Games
Developer Rockstar Leeds , Rockstar North
Genre Action , Sandbox
Downloads 56,189
Size 426.09 M
Released October 24, 2005
3.9/5 (99 votes)
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When it comes to a gangster game, which is the game title that you think of? There is no doubt that the well-known name is Grand Theft Auto, or many players call it merely as GTA. This game has received love from the players because of what it has, from the images to the gameplay. Perhaps many people will think that the game series will often have console versions or on PCs for players to experience. But not only that, but the series also has a game that has been produced exclusively for the handle console platform, which is the PSP platform. That game is Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – a game that is highly appreciated by the stories, gameplay, and many other things that the game brings to the player. All of which will give players a lot of great experiences for you to experience. So this game has become one of the most successful games of the platform and is appreciated by players.

Freedom to explore the city:
True to the name of the game, the context of the game takes place in Liberty City, where gangs are here to do illegal things. The world of the game is a vast open-world so that players can feel the beauty of the city. The game’s creative team has portrayed the beauty of this city in great detail so that players can feel its excitement. Although the map area is vast, the creative team has been very successful in providing the player with the best quality graphics. Players can freely control the car that they robbed on the road or can buy to walk around the city and feel it.

Perform tasks:
In all GTA games, the task is indispensable because it is used to explore the story of the game. Like this game, it has an enormous task system for players to experience. Players can start with small jobs in the gang and then on missions to be able to grow to a higher level. The mission of the game is also very diverse, with many different requirements, from killing, fighting, drug trafficking, all in the game.

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