God of War: Chains of Olympus

God of War: Chains of Olympus
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer Ready at Dawn , Santa Monica Studio
Genre Action , Adventure
Region China
Downloads 58,102
Size 1008.44 M
Released March 4, 2008
4.1/5 (87 votes)
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The gods and legends surrounding it are always something that attracts a lot of people to come and explore. Stories of gods or myths are stories told from ancient times to explain strange phenomena of the world. Not only are the stories interesting for everyone to read, but they also become titles for players to explore. Among the games about the gods, the most widely known series is probably God of War – a game about the war of the gods. This series has been very successful on many different platforms, PC, Console, even the handle console also has the presence of this series. On the PSP platform, after the success of the game “God Of War: Chain Of Olympus,” the game market share of “God of War: Ghost of Sparta” was released. This game is no different from its elder brother and has become one of the highly-rated games. This game has great stories and gameplay for players to explore.

Ultimate graphics experience:
This game was released after the elder, so it has a much better graphics quality for players to experience. This game is considered by many critics to be one of the best graphic quality games of the PSP for players to experience. It still retains the 3D graphics format, but its quality has been improved to bring a better experience for players.

Discover the mystery of Kratos:
If in the third part of the game, the player witnessed Kratos’ death when fighting to destroy Zeus, this time, the battle is under the palace of Atlantis. This time, Kratos has come here to be able to find the mystery of his identity. Here, players will learn about the warrior’s identity, where he will meet his mother to learn about life.

Use new weapons:
In many previous games, Kratos’ weapon used to fight that is Blade Of Chaos. But this time, this sword is no longer seen in this game, the weapon used by Kratos to fight is the Blade Of Athena. This weapon is a new weapon added to the game for players to experience. Besides, there are many new magical powers for players to experience.

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