Tekken 6

Tekken 6
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Namco
Developer Namco
Genre Fighting
Downloads 34,155
Size 729.71 M
Released November 24, 2009
3.9/5 (54 votes)
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Fans of the Tekken series need to get their hands on TEKKEN 6, which features the return of a significant number of recurring characters and the introduction of brand-new fighters, making it the installment with the most extensive roster in the series’ history. TEKKEN 6 will include the most exciting King of Iron Fist Tournaments to date, thanks to its expanding cast of playable characters, each of whom comes armed with a unique set of lethal techniques, maneuvers, and attack combos. As players face off against one another in mano-a-mano combat, adding a feature that allows for deeper character customization will only further increase the already extraordinary level of battling intensity. Gamers also have the option to take the fight online, where they can engage in traditional match-ups and contend for world dominance.

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