Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Console Sony PSP
Publisher Rockstar Games
Developer Rockstar Leeds , Rockstar North
Genre Action , Sandbox
Region China
Downloads 44,784
Size 426.09 M
Released October 31, 2006
3.7/5 (81 votes)
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The success of the Grand Theft Auto series is undeniable, and this series has become one of the most famous names in the world. Whenever someone reminds a particular game line related to the gangster theme, this is the name that the player thinks of. Virtually any game in this series on any platform has a huge success. Virtually every console device with this game is at the top of the list of the greatest games. Not only the console but also the handle console is also one of the places where this series has been successful. Among them is the PSP, where there is not only one but also two successful titles, and one of them is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. This game is a game that has achieved success beyond expectations and laid the foundation for the success of “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City later.

Ultimate graphics:
The first thing that players can see when coming to the game to experience it is the graphics of the game. This game has a 3D graphics format, and this is also the last game to use the RenderWare engine to recreate the character. This game brings players a massive map for players to explore. But that is not the reason why this game does not have a good quality for players to explore. Despite the vast map, but the game’s creative team has completed very dark graphics of the game for players to experience. This game has perfect graphics for every detail for players to experience.

Freedom to explore:
When coming to the game, players can freely explore everything they want in this city. As long as you do not do too many illegal, the police will not do anything to the player. Players can go to their favorite roadside car to steal it or fight in the street for fun. But if someone dies, you will be chased by the police.

Doing the task:
The game will give players a huge task system for players to explore. These missions will gradually lead players to the end of the game for players to explore. Players will receive a lot of money and other things when completing tasks to help you become stronger.

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