Portalroms – Information, status, and alternative websites

Available on the internet in 2004, Portalroms has become one of the most popular ROMS and ISO download sites globally. This website and Emuparadise are the two most popular websites for sharing Nintendo ROM and Playstation games. In 2019, the website suddenly changed the main domain name from Portalroms.com to Portalroms.ch without anyone knowing what the reason was (possibly due to copyright and domain name revocation). However, about half a year later, the .ch domain name is also no longer active.

So far, no one knows when it will return. The site was once the best choice for ROMS downloads for South American countries. Specifically, the site offers the latest ISOs of PS2, PS3, and PSP, along with some of the popular Nintendo 3DS and Switch games.

All download links are torrent, which is really interesting for everyone. They have a good place to download ROMs at top speed.

Changes in 2021

Recently, emuroms[dot]ch have emerged and have identical interfaces Portalroms yore. No one is sure it’s the same owner, but those who love Portalroms can visit this site looking for something useful.

Finally, do not forget that ROMSPURE.COM was born as the best choice for those who want to download the full ROMS and ISO sets of the famous game consoles ever. We have been trying to collect the full range of games from the last century to the new PS3 and PS4 games that have been released for a few years now. We are using the direct link as the primary download link. However, it encountered many problems that we could not control. In particular, speed is one of the biggest problems. We will have better solutions in the near future so that users and enthusiasts of classic games can download their favorite games easily and quickly.

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