We are polishing the ROMs files again

Since the website’s inception in 2019, so far, we have owned a huge number of ROMs, up to 30,000 games, along with more than 120TB of data. We know it’s hard to keep links up and running, but you’ll see we’re making big changes shortly. Here are some updates.

1. Encrypted 3DS files will remove, CIA and Decrypted will be repackaged in 7Z format.

Encrypted 3DS files are almost no longer in use, so we decided to delete them to reduce over 1TB of storage space. Additionally, the CIA and Dec files will be repackaged as 7Z, not ZIP files. Of course, the ROMs are still verified by Redump. This is because we found 7z to have better compression quality. For example, the Pokemon Y file below has a capacity of 2GB, but after compressing with 7z at the highest level, it is only 890MB. This is important for those with average or low network connection because you can download files faster, and then our hosting server can also free up a large amount of space. Decompressing .7z can still be done using Winrar, but it may take a few seconds longer than the regular zip format.

2. PSP ROMs are also compressed in 7z format

Similar to the 3DS, all PSP ROMs will also be compressed and released in the .7z format. Both pack redump and no-intro.

3. Add more PS3 games, DLC, and Repack, use the premium server for PS3, remove 1fichier link

As you can see, we are no longer using 1fichier links, because they are no longer free and have too many restrictions. We decided to use a dedicated server for 30TB PS3 games. With almost unlimited download speed, enjoy it. In addition, we will also fully add PS3 ISOs for the EU and JP regions.

4. We set the password for the compressed file

This ensures that the 7z files we have spent months with the computer running 24/7 will not be easily stolen. In addition, it is also a way for users to remember us. The extracted password will always be displayed on the download page.

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while I was downloading and almost finished, 1The sentence access is prohibited appears, please grant permission
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You guys are legends fr!
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haven't been able to download. keeps redirecting me to 1fitchier, and it shows deleted there
Reply -
i didnt get the password
Reply -
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Hi dragon quest monsters terry's wonderland 3ds english i uploaded 3ds rom https://easyupload.io/byjb74
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The password is not working on any rom. The password romsfun-romspure does not work for me. Did you changed it? thanks
Reply -
Hello. The password for the files is not appearing on download screen. Thanks.
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Password please
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I cant seem to find the password for pokemon x
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